Wheat Ridge Duplex Fire, as paged

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Dec 11, 2002
Wheat Ridge Fire Has Heavy Flames On Arrival | 5280FIRE
03/04 ~ At 00:56 West Metro Dispatchers alerted Wheat Ridge Firefighters with auto-aid from Fairmount Fire to a confirmed structure fire at 9433 West 38th Avenue. First due Tower 72 arrived on scene of a 2 story residential structure with heavy fire from the 2nd floor Charlie/ Delta corner and from the roof, went into offensive mode and took command. Engine 71 laid in and established a water supply. 71′s crew set up a cross lay and stretched an 1 3/4″ line to the front door while command was completing a 360. Command received reports that the occupants had evacuated and that the structure was a duplex. Fairmount Engine 5 arrived and pulled a back-up 1 3/4″ line and was assigned as RIT and Fairmount Battalion 2 assumed Safety Officer responsibilities. 71′s crew made entry on the Alpha side of the structure to begin search and fire attack. District Chief 71 arrived and assumed command and asked for mutual aid from West Metro for an additional Engine. Within minutes a 5″ supply line from Fairmount Fire ruptured and the water supply to the interior attack was interrupted. Fairmount firefighters replaced the compromised sections of supply line and crews re-established the water supply within minutes and 71 crews were back on fire interior fire attack. Chief 71 arrived on scene and assumed command and signaled a withdrawal from the interior of the structure when fire went unchecked and compromised the structure. All crews withdrew from the structure, completed PAR and went into a defensive operation per Command. Command advised Tower 72 to set up for and begin aerial ops. Command asked dispatch for an additional aerial, and West Metro Tower 3 was called to the scene. Fire crews were able to defend the adjacent Bravo exposure unit and the fire was contained to the eastern most unit in the duplex. The fire was brought under control within 60 minutes. 4 parties were treated and transported for smoke inhalation. The involved unit suffered severe damage and the adjacent unit suffered smoke damage. Red Cross was contacted for to assist the residents involved in the fire. All searches proved negative and there were no other injuries reported and the fire is under investigation.
Companies On The Ticket: D71,C71,C72, T72, E71, BUR72, B2 & E5
Additional Companies On The Ticket: WM T3, S2
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