Where Can I go To Get Help setting up Hardware For Live Feed?

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Oct 5, 2013
Belton, Texas
Hello, after meeting a friend here in Central Texas that is broadcasting live feed. I am interested in becoming a live feed provider as well. In face I am a computer I.T. Under grad and am writing a research paper in my computer hardware class on how to broadcast live feed, by first setting up a scanner and PC and sort of demonstrating how this is done. I hope this is the right forum and thread to make this post here. I have been reading up on the information listed here.

Setting up your Broadcasting Station - The RadioReference Wiki

I have a few questions I have not been able to find answers so I hope to get them answered here.

1. Can you use a laptop PC or Mac ? Or does it have to be a desktop with a left and right sound card input jacks ? As a laptop has one input provision.

2. Do you have to be a paid subscriber too radio reference to get permission to broadcast live feed ?

Thank You
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