Where to find info as a reference guide

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May 29, 2008
Cocoa, Florida
First let me introduce myself. I recently retired from the Fire Service and now have a lot of time on my hands. I have always enjoyed scanning and listening to receivers as a past time. Now that I have free time on my hands, I have pulled out my scanners and receiver and blew the dust off them. I have a Pro-2052, Pro-2067, and a AOR 3000a. Recently I have been heavy into my AOR 3000a. I downloaded the SysLabs RadioControl program and got my RS232 cable, so now I can sit back at the computer and listen away.

My question is: Are there links, Wiki's, or reference material that I can download to help me in my efforts to scan or receive. I have downloaded some material as far as frequency coverage but it doesn't go into detail. I need a reference guide that would show me the frequency bands, their operating modes (AM, NFM, WFM, USB, LSB) and their steps (1hz, 5hz, 9hz, 8,3hz, 25hz etc...) When I do scan now on my AOR 3000a I really don't have any idea of what mode to use and what step to use for a particular frequency. Surely there must be something out there to use as a reference guide. Thanks for the help in advance....Ding
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