BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Where to get cable for 436HP gps socket?

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Feb 2, 2021
Paris, France
Hello all,

following the great advice received here - I finally settled on getting a 436HP unit: thank you all for answering my questions and guiding me.

As I have a spare GPS unit with the required serial GPS output, I would like to build my cable to connect it to the 436HP. Can you please tell me what cable I should get so I can plug into the 436HP GPS socket? I saw some mentions of a Roswell (?) cable, but that is not too easy to find (especially in Canada - where I am). What other options would you suggest I should consider? I will cut the other end of the cable off (so it does not matter what the other end is) and solder it to my Magellan GPS cable.

Thank you for suggesting some options!


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Jan 15, 2007
The GPS input on the BCD436HP is a Hirose connector.

Check my post here for some info on it:

There are some connectors that may look similar at a glance as shown in that thread, but be sure you're looking at that exact connector.

You may be able to find a good deal on an older generation (from around 10 years ago or so) Uniden USB-1 programming cable on Ebay or similar (that cable used a Hirose connector on the scanner end). Some older digital cameras also used a cable with that connection.

There is a Rosewill cable shown here (not available at this time) that looks like a Hirose connector in the pic, but yet the description says it's a USB 4-Pin Mini B Male

A USB Mini connector will definitely not fit the GPS port on the 436HP.
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