Which channel to monitor


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Jul 27, 2005
LATA 722
FB2 are the repeater outputs. That's what you'd want to listen to.

TX frequency depends on what point of view you are using.
The repeaters output/transmit is on the lower frequency, and the input/receive is on the higher frequency. (specific to this system, others may vary, but on UHF, that's ~usually~ the way it works).

The portable/mobile radio will transmit on the higher frequency (repeater input) and listen on the lower frequency (repeater output).

Trying to listen to the MO or FX1's may be difficult. You may only hear one side of the conversation, and you'd have to be in a good location to hear them.


Mar 14, 2004
You monitor the frequency, not the station class.

Almost anything that has a unit count of 1 is either a repeater output, or a control station. You will notice a higher ERP on those, and at the same time a larger number of MO (mobile units) and a smaller ERP. You will notice a common Fxxx code prefix, for those units.

If you look at the left, you will notice those are all listed twice, once for the higher ERP output of the repeater, and then the lower mobile output power. The only one that is not listed like that is the 461/466 FB2C (mobile relay-interconnected) frequency.