Which Scanner To Buy?

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Are you going to use it at home, mobile or both? What is your budget like? Can you put an antenna outside, or (not quite as good, but it works) in your attic?

We have 2 entries in our database for Cleveland city, Tennessee...(all links are in blue)

Bradley County, Tennessee (TN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Shows the city has a conventional VHF/UHF system - however, the Bradley County talkgroups on this system are digital in nature...

Chattanooga/Hamilton County Public Safety Trunking System, Chattanooga, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies

It's unclear whether the VHF/UHF side is receiving a patch from the trunked system or not. It would appear that a digital scanner would be needed here...

Category:Digital Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki

Without going into the technical side of things, don't get a BC250 or 785 if you want to hear this system using the last 2 sites in the listing. I think it's time to jump down to our Tennessee forum and get some help from the locals, if no one answers here...

Tennessee Radio Discussion Forum - The RadioReference.com Forums

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Mar 21, 2011
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If you are interested in listening to only Cleveland PD you will definitely need a digital scanner. CPD was simulcasting on their old VHF high and the new TVRTS 800 freq until about a month ago. They have totally switched over all dispatching to the digital 800 freq. Bradley Co Sheriff is still disptaching on old VHF high analog but do use the new 800 mhz for admin and talk. Same is true for Bradley Co Fire. Cleveland FD has not switched over at this point and is still on VHF high analog.

It is assumed that at some point all public safety in Cleveland/Bradley Co will be on the 800 mhz digital system.
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