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Which version of EFJ PC Configure do I need for a 51Fire ES?


Jul 11, 2021
Hey everyone,
I've got a EFJ 51Fire ES radio(Model: 242-5137-461-BJ3) and a programming cable(023-5100-970). My radio is running FW v3.2.2. Which version of PC Configure do I need to program this radio? I've gotten a lot of unclear answers over the web and I'm having a hard time making sense of the FW versions and how they relate to the PC Configure SW. Is there an EFJ website that will tell me this?


Jul 11, 2021
Hmm... That's odd. The boot screen of the radio says it has v3.2.2. I've also read the version info from the radio using PCC 2.18.6 and it's telling me it has the following attributes:
  • File Format Version: 5.8
  • DSP Software Version: 3.0.21
  • Controller Version: 3.2.2
  • Hardware Revision: N/A
  • Boot Loader Version: 3.0
  • SEM Version: N/A
  • CPLD Version: N/A
  • EEPROM Version: N/A
I believe I misspoke in the title of this post. I took another look at the M/N of this radio and I think I've got just a plain-jane 5100 with a yellow plastic front housing. I think I misunderstood how EFJ classifies their radio models. I broke down my M/N: 242-5137-461-BJ3 as follows.
  • 5100 Series
  • UHF (403-470 MHz)
  • Intrin Safe, DTMF keypad (all models)
  • UHF 403-520 MHz Antenna
  • Intrin Safe, ultra high cap NiMH battery
  • Yellow front housing color
  • I'm unable to decipher the "BJ3" portion of the S/N.
I also took another look at the serial number(51370A493A) and decoded as much from it as I could. It tells me much the same as the M/N except that this radio was made in the 49th week of 2003.

Using PCC 2.18.6, I was able to read parameters from my radio. I tried to write some parameters to my radio and it gave me an error "Communication error during Code Download".

I also tried PCC 2.8.2 and I was able to read parameters from my radio. I tried to write some parameters to my radio and it gave me an error "This version of PCC does not support radios with file format older than 5.9."

For both versions of PCC, I was using the USB programming cable from EFJ.