Whistler 1065 will not decode anything.

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Jan 13, 2017
San Bernardino
I have a ws1065 that is 4yrs old that just was unpacked for the first time this week. I have never tried to scan digital. I bought ARC 500 Pro and am a premium member here. I dl the conventional and my county Project 25/1 and loaded it on the scanner. The only thing that comes thru understandable is the Ham repeaters and a couple of businesses that use unencrypted transmissions. Can someone suggest what I might have done wrong?


Jun 11, 2011
Lockport, IL
Well, since you're hearing something you've ruled out the scanner being broken.
This scanner only decodes Apco Project 25, (P25) type 1. So if you try for DMR, P25 type2, D-star, NXDN, etc. it will just sit there.
Since you mentioned Project25/1 you sound like you have the idea. And like ALL, it will not decode anything encrypted.

I would begin by choosing to manually tune the frequency of the control channel for the system you're trying to hear. Let's make sure the information you have is correct and that you can hear it sufficiently at your location. Programmed as a single site system is all you should need.

Before downloading I would try setting up a system manually, so you get the hang of what's going and you can insure you have things set up correctly.

When trying to scan remember to assign talkgroups to a scan list and be sure that scan list is selected on.

How about San Bernardino county?
Choose the site nearest you, avoiding simulcast sites (at least to get started) if you can. If a simulcast site is best well then choose that. These radios can struggle with them. In the software, key in the site frequencies in order. (Or, if you have verified the active control channel you could key in only that one.) Site options should be 'auto' and narrow. Choosing wide will be problematic. Then create only 1 widlcard talkgroup, assign it to a scan list, set up delay and such as you see fit. I don't have Arc500 or I'd walk you through it. I used it in the past. I settled on Win500. To each their own. Start scanning. You ought to get something even if it's encrypted garbage. Then you can begin adding groups, locking out or unassigning those you don't want.
As I scroll through the list there are quite a lot of 'DE' groups, they are encrypted. It looks like you have little aside from Con-Fire to choose from. Looking at the other clear groups such as mutual aid and animal control I would not expect them to be very active.

On some systems 'auto' settings do not work properly and things have to be set manually. I don't see any indication for this system where auto would not work.

Once you get the hang of it you could try a download.
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