Whistler Statement regarding unauthorized upgrade to GRE and Radioshack Scanners

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Sep 9, 2015
Northwest Arkansas
We would like to clarify a few of the issues surrounding our legacy scanner update program. We value our loyal Whistler customers and hope we can clear up any confusion that exists.

As soon as Whistler completed our own DMR platform we began working on a program to upgrade both the Radioshack and GRE “legacy” scanners as we wanted to allow customers of our “inherited” friends the opportunity to experience DMR through their scanner. As soon as it became clear Radioshack was not going to continue supporting their scanners, Whistler was in a position to offer this upgrade program and did so for both the Radioshack and GRE models.

Unfortunately, in the spring, Whistler code files were accessed by multiple unauthorized users and used in ways that were not intended, including unauthorized scanner upgrades. Within the scanner application there are multiple licensors and royalties paid and unauthorized use can create breaches of contract and many other difficult issues to resolve. Based on legal recommendations, Whistler took additional actions to secure our code and intellectual property to prevent any further unauthorized access. This safeguard if applied to unauthorized scanners may cause the scanner to stop functioning as indicated in the warning message provided when installing from the CPU Updater. All files accessed via the Whistler EZ Scan Handheld Digital pc app are meant for Whistler scanners as the title implies.

Because we value our customers and would like to offer them the top level of service possible, we are offering those that may have used the unauthorized upgrade code the ability to still upgrade their scanners for a fee of $89.99. This higher fee is simply due to the fact that we must replace the logic board in the scanner versus those who did not update with the unauthorized upgrade. This is a pass through cost only. Customers who have not participated in the unauthorized upgrade may still upgrade their unit at the fee of $59.99.

And because we have heard many of you loud and clear – we are introducing a repair program for GRE PSR-800 and Radioshack Pro-668 scanners. The fee is the same as our current out-of-warranty for Whistler scanners, $120, and may be arranged by contacting our customer service department at 1-866-923-8719.

The upgrade for those that have used the unauthorized update may be purchased in the same manner as the original upgrade and is available on the Whistler website here: https://whistlergroup.com/products/upgrade
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