whistler ws1040 Can not hear nothing

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May 8, 2004
Dallas, TX
Can not hear nothing at all I am new to this can someone help me out
Hi hotcontainers
Welcome to Radio Reference.

There are several articles in the Wiki here on the site that can be of help.

Start with this one: GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanners FAQ - The RadioReference Wiki

While that is labeled as regarding Radio Shack and the older GRE scanners, your Whistler WS1040 is programmed exactly in the same manner. Anything labeled as far as channel entry or features as being for the PSR-500, Pro-106, or Pro-651, also applies to your WS1040.

Also see Getting Started with your GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki
as well as
Easier to Read Pro-651/652/106/197 - WS1040/1065 - PSR 500/600 Digital Scanner Manual

Are you trying to program your scanner manually, through the keyboard, or are you using software?

Looking at your county, Swisher, in the database, I don't see too many frequencies. Swisher County has only one license. Currently, they are showing to be analog on frequency 155.89500.However, on their license, they are also authorized to use digital on the same frequency. Many agencies in West Texas have switched over to digital, so you might try entering their frequency in as both the listed analog, as well as digital, and see what you might pick up.

For Tulia, the listed Fire frequency of 153.800MHz is from an expired license. They have a new license for frequency 152.2700MHz, so they could be using that instead. Note, however, that on that frequency, they are licensed for both analog, which your scanner will pick up, as well as DMR (MotoTRBO), which the WS1040 cannot receive.

You might have better luck getting a response from someone much closer to you there in the Panhandle if you have your post moved to the Texas Forum. To do that, click on the red outlined triangle in the upper right corner of your original post, to 'report' the thread. You'll get a small box where you can ask that the post be moved.
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