Who Is The User Of 153.0725 In The Twin Cities Metropolitan Area?

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Apr 29, 2006
I have logged this in the past and even did a post on it here several years back. I am still getting activity on 153.0725 in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. It shows that it is Motorola Capacity Plus system. I think it is the so-called "rest channel". The History Log shows that both Time Slot 1 and 2 have been used. The Color Codes logged are all over the place, but Color Code 10 seems to be logged most often. I am thinking that the other Color Codes logged are erroneous. Only a few Unit ID (UIDs) have been logged. They are:

UID 11814

UID 11820

UID 55555

I have checked the FCC website, but I am not seeing a licensee. Does anybody here know who the user is?
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