Why Digital Radios are having problems

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Aug 22, 2006
Big Bear
I'm really glad to see somebody working on this problem. I know the digital and trunk radio fans say their systems are better than analog and theoreticaly they are correct. However, in real life it does not work out that way. Many of these systems do not perfrorm as advertised. They are more complecated than simple analog and when the fecal matter hits the fan they are prone to failure.

My dept. uses a traditional analog radio system (somewhat, but in the simple Tx/Rx this description fits). Last summer I did work on a task force and we used LAPD's comm's. This is a non-trunked digital system and to put it bluntly, their comm's sucked! Half the transmissions were garbled and there was frequent motorboating problems. At first I thought maybe it was us outsiders but talking to my friends in blue they said it was actually an everyday problem for them. I'm sorry but when I'm in a fight for my life I would really like dependable comm's ( I don't know I'm just greedy that way I guess).
Not open for further replies.