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Feb 28, 2012
Can anyone help me to figure out what is going wrong here? I am trying to search between 454.000Mhz and 455.050Mhz on this bct15x.
These are the old radio telephone freqs that are now being used by digital business services. I use the scanner to input to computer for decoding.

The problem I am having is that the scanner will not stop on frequencies that I know are active. (see it on dongle). Even turning the squelch all the way down scanner will still not stop. I remember having this issue before and it being something about the settings for custom search or for certain bands but I cannot remember how to fix.

If anyone understands what I am trying to explain and can help me to get the radio to receive in this range I would appreciate it. Thanx.

Also, if I enter the freq manually it receives, the problem is that while searching it is deaf to these same freqs.
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Jan 4, 2009
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Broadcast Screen

These settings determine whether the scanner automatically ignores transmissions that are on common broadcasts, paging systems, and other annoyance radio sources during Custom Search, Quick Search, or Close Call Search.
Note: Broadcast screen is not effective during some service searches.
Scroll to 'Broadcast Screen' and press E/.
Scroll to 1 of 4 options and press E/.
Set All Bands On - turns on broadcast screen on for all bands. Press MENU to return.
Set All Bands Off - turns off broadcast screen off for all bands. Press MENU to return.
Set Each Band - then scroll to each band and press E/ to turn off or on. Press MENU to return.

Pager - the scanner skips known paging system frequencies.
FM - the scanner skips known FM frequencies.
UHF TV - the scanner skips known UHF TV frequencies. VHF TV - the scanner skips known VHF TV frequencies.
NOAA WX - the scanner skips known NOAA weather frequencies.
Band 1-10 - the scanner skips known frequencies for custom broadcast ranges.
Program Band - then scroll to the custom band (1-10) and press E/.
At 'Set Lower Limit' enter the lower limit of the frequency range and press E/.
At 'Set Upper Limit' enter the upper limit of the frequency range and press E/.
Scroll to the next band and repeat. Press MENU twice to return.

Taken from the BCT15X Easier to Read Manual
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