Why this Mac dude won't get a iPad (but his wife will!)

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
As a long time Mac user from the days of the original 256K Mac of 1984 and progressing to over a dozen Macs of my own and half that number for the wife, and current owner of 3 Macs and 3 iPods, there are a few reasons I am not interested much in the new iPad:

1) No OS-X. It appears this will not be a Mac at all, but mostly an enlarged iPod. Maybe iPad v2 (otherwise known as the MacPad) will run OS-X as well as iPhone Apps. I have too many other programs on my Mac that I need to run so will maintain my MacBook Pro for now.

2) No USB. I hear that there will be USB jacks on the iPad Dock, but I would want at least one on the unit itself for use of thumb drives, keyboards etc. I need these in the field and don't want to have to tote a dock around.

If it doesn't look like Apple will come out with an OS-X version of the iPad I might look seriously at the 3rd party MacTabs around. They take an off-the-shelf MacBook Pro and convert it to a tablet.

The wife however really wants one of these. She loves her iPod Touch for connectivity to FaceBook, the Internet and email, as well as the apps and games she plays. She doesn't use music listening, being deaf and all, but has thought about getting a Kindle or Nook for reading. For a few bucks more she can get an iPad and do all that and more. I might then abscond with her Touch, I use it as much as she does anyway.
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