Wichita unidentified frequencies


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Dec 18, 2002
Houston, Texas
A bunch of CAP freqs that tie back to Koch Industries Matador Security (should check if these are networked):
451.075 cc 11 cap tg 61 enc (Matador Security? FCC Callsign WQVN665 (MATADOR SECURITY COMPANY, INC.))
462.475 cc 3 cap very weak (Matador Security?)
464.925 cc 3 cap very weak (Matador Security?) morse

Freqs tied to First Digital (are these a networked CAP system or independent):
452.0125 cc 2 cap tg 93, tg 16 (First Digital FCC Callsign WPOZ794 (FIRST DIGITAL HOLDINGS, LLC))
461.7125 cc 10 (First Digital FCC Callsign WPOZ794 (FIRST DIGITAL HOLDINGS, LLC))
462.0125 cc 1 cap tg 10 (First Digital FCC Callsign WPOZ794 (FIRST DIGITAL HOLDINGS, LLC))
462.075 cc 7 cap (First Digital FCC Callsign KNEK675 (FIRST DIGITAL HOLDINGS LLC))
463.35 cc 1 cap tg 10 can't get them on a table, deliveries before (First Digital and Matador licenses)

This one is interesting as it's 95% encrypted but there are units in the clear occasionally. It sounds like security for a campus or building complex. It also has a morse code identifier that transmits at random intervals (someone should check if this is a giveaway).
464.7 cc 10 tg 20 sl 1 enc, voice, dispatch show us 23 zone 1, escort POU to 7 west, 526, 10-4 i'm around the corner

Here's some more miscellaneous:
451.4625 cc 0 dmrt3 net Ah weak - logged this one night, ducting from somewhere else or Spirit Aerosystems?
451.8625 r 107.2 voice (FCC Callsign KKT810 (CORNEJO & SONS, INC.) ?)
452.4 d734 weak voice (Gavilon Grain? FCC Callsign WQUD262 (Gavilon Grain LLC))
453.15 141.3 key-ups, weak voice (USD 259? FCC Callsign WRMV692 (UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 259))
453.45 141.3 key up (USD 259? FCC Callsign WRMV692 (UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 259))
460.8125 dmr tg 20? voice (Southwest Airlines? FCC Callsign WQOH881 (Southwest Airlines Company))
461.15 morse
461.225 morse
461.9125 cc 7 tg 5 sl 1 voice (USD 259? FCC Callsign WRPX282 (Unified School District 259 - Wichita Public Schools))
462.05 r 74.4 voice, make sure we're getting out and walking, i want pictures of the car from a distance, walk around the back side
462.25 d023 weak voice (Cargill? FCC Callsign WNNU946 (Cargill, Incorporated))
462.275 cc 11 tg 101 sl 1, garage, J1, morse (Spirit Aerosystems? FCC Callsign KAS940 (Spirit Aerosystems Inc.))
462.3 morse
462.45 cc 15 morse (Spirit Aerosystems?)
462.5875 cc 1
462.7 r d152 gmrs, i need a bolt and a nut, very weak, on south side and it will be done, south side of indian, your tractor
462.725 r 156.7 gmrs
462.75 paging data, morse (no license in sedgwick)
462.8875 m 210.7 get it together bro, they have an outage over there other than writing up the IRs is there anything i need to do, just a disconnect dial-up communication fail and a network communication fail, console patrol, guy hanging around fountain for last 30 minutes
463.6 d 023 voice
463.8 analog key-up (SS Air Express?)
463.85 d 073 weak/broken voice
463.875 ran 47 nex4 broken voice (WPWW465 (Learjet Inc.)?)
464.3 morse
464.3875 cc 1 tg 30 sl 2 voice, bring the guest over, front desk, morse
464.5125 cc 6 key-up
464.65 paging data, weak
464.725 d134 voice
464.725 d152 key-ups, static
464.8 cc 1
464.85 dmr
467.8 DTMF, pager tones, pager data, "message delivered"
467.925 m 67.0 hotel in downtown area