Wildcard TG for UIDs on 396XT/996XT

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Oct 2, 2005
Is there such a feature, as there is for EDAC AFS talk groups?

Our local EDAC city TRS system is sort of disciplined in their UID numbering assignment: e.g. the UID of "4xyz" is that of the handheld radio of call sign user "xyz", and the "6xyz" is that of his/her car radio.

But I notice that for other UIDs (e.g. for the city workers, non PD), their UIDs are only three digits (their call sign).

In all cases here, all UIDs are displayed as "UID: innnn" (nnnn being 3 or 4 digits).

I would like to filter out the non-PD UIDs when I have the UID feature turned on when listening to only the PD.

Thank you
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