Williamson Co. IL communities swap storm warning systems

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Jan 27, 2005
Cambria Illinois
MARION — Representatives of all Williamson County communities with tornado sirens have agreed to switch to a new storm-based warning system.

Steve Land, assistant director with the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency, said the new system is now utilized by the National Weather Service to outline the area.

Land said what this means is that some portions of the county will be under a tornado warning while others will not. The tornado warning will be issued by the National Weather Service based on the area of threat and will be outlined by geographical areas bounded by landmarks such as highways or perhaps for the northern or southern portions of the county.

These areas will be outlined on the Paducah Web site of the weather service in the form of radar and a map, as well as the audio announcement on the NOAA weather radios.

New sirens have been seen around the county as part of the switch to the new storm-based warning system.
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