Win 500 extended setting tab

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Dec 19, 2002
I sometimes have problem with my PRO-197 getting audio when the screen "locks on" to an active channel. This typically happens when I am in questionable areas (as far as not being blocked by trees, or distance from home base for these systems). Sometimes, when I put scanner in "manual" mode (when screen is locked on to active channel but no audio), the scanner will immediately blurt out what's going on, but sometimes it doesn't.
Other than this issue (that pretty much happen in the same areas I travel), the scanner is great!! I have been scanning for 27 years so I am not entirely new to this. But, my specific question is do I need to tweak any settings on the Win 500 program "extended settings" tab to make the scanner "more sensitive" OR perform in such a way that if I am in a "weak" area make the scanner NOT stop on these (I don't want to ATT these for obvious reasons) so I can keep scanning other channels WITHOUT having to press the SCAN button everytime?

Maybe the "squelch timeouts" or something?

Thank you to the scanner pros who are willing to help..
Not open for further replies.