Win500 Monitor/Control logs oddity

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Feb 15, 2002
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Looking thru my logs today, I find some lines containing the following. Almost looks like the program is logging data from the scanner improperly. Is this a known issue or something about my setup?

Win500 v1.92, PSR500C with the latest FW/DSP, Windows 7 Ultimate.

00:00:33, 0686, TGRP  ,    Nextcom BH   , om BH   , TSYS=0003,    Nextcom BH   , AN,  859.462500 TGL/O  R20  Stor
05:20:33, 0143, TGRP  ,  Caltronics BH  , ics BH  , TSYS=0002,  Caltronics BH  , AN,  858.462500 TGL/O  R05  Stor

ObjID 0686 is the wildcard group entry for TSYS 0003 "Nextcom BH", and ObjID 0143 is the wildcard group entry for TSYS 0002 "Caltronics BH". Notice I'm not getting the TGID recorded off the wildcard hit, and I am getting the last ~7 characters of the alpha tag repeated.

Actually, now that I've looked at the logs again, this behavior ended yesterday immediately after I updated the firmware and DSP. Now I don't have any wildcard hits in my log files from that point onwards. I just parked my scanner on ObjID 0143 from the monitor/control screen and it immediately found a talkgroup in use and displayed it. The log (on screen and in the file saved to disk) didn't record anything.
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