ProScan: Windows 10 LTSB and no audio for playback

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Apr 14, 2011
Snyder, TX
I was about to ask this question, then did some more research on it, and found my answer. Figured I'd post my issues and the fix in case anyone comes across the same thing.

I installed ProScan, but, when trying to play back the recordings, hitting the play button would only blink, and no audio would play.

I normally use OS X, but, I do have to use Windows for certain programs, such as ProScan.

I use Windows 10 LTSB - mainly because I can't STAND the adware and bloat that MS includes in other versions. Windows 10 LTSB however, removes windows media player, which seems to be what ProScan calls up to play the audio.

After some searching, you can install windows media player back into Win10 LTSB by installing the patch here:

Again, Win10 LTSB is pretty hard to get your hands on (but WELL worth it IMO), but, if you find yourself with it, and unable to play recordings, this may well be your fix.

I don't foresee this helping anyone anytime soon, but, at least it's here now, and searchable.
Not open for further replies.