Windows 10, Setting Default audio devices for different users

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Jan 2, 2003
I have been running two feeds on an XP machine for a very long time. All has been well, however the machine was getting tired and I've updated to a Dell Latitude, running Windows 10 Pro. In the past, I created a windows "user" for each feed, in order to keep audio settings configured correctly. I know that you can set the soundcard that you'd like to record from in Scannercast, however I also run XCorder for VOX recording, and that great, lightweight program only records off the Windows default recording device. In XP, each user/radio/feed was assigned it's proper default soundcard, so it worked perfectly. However, I'm not able to do that in Windows 10, and I can't figure out why. If I set Soundcard #1 as the default to User #1, and then go to User #2 and set the default soundcard to #2, it changes User #1 to soundcard #2.

Has anyone a fix for this?
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