Windows 11 on an M1 Mac Mini with Parallels


Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
So when I bought my wife a new M1 iMac (she loved the blue one...) I inherited her M1 Mac Mini. I have been running Parallels forever on my Macs, currently a 2018 Mini. The M1 only has 8GB of RAM (My Intel has 32) but so far that has not been a problem.

I installed the latest version of Parallels (17.1.0) and downloaded the Insider Edition of Windows 10 for ARM. After installation it immediately wanted to upgrade to Windows 11. I let it do so and when it was complete I tried my apps. Everything seemed to work just fine.

I am not a hardcore kind of guy, I don't use Final Cut often, I am not a gamer etc. Most of my work stuff is browser-based so it is platform agnostic. I use a couple Windows applications for my WFH job, mostly for the company phone system. I use Sentinel a lot. I also co-host a live YouTube show each week, that is all browser based so I can do that from almost any device with a camera and mic.

Both the phone software and Sentinel seem to work just fine in Windows 11 Pro. I have read about some driver issues related to ARM for certain instances but I haven't gotten that far yet as I use my NUC for that most of the time anyway. I can say that ARC536, ARC-XT and ProScan seem to run fine but I haven[t tried to connect to a radio with them yet.

When I tried this before with Windows 10 I had some problems getting DotNet going but it appears that this installation already had that. Both the phone and radio software use DotNet Framework 2.0 or 3.5 (apparently 3.5 has 2.0 included) so either Windows 11 already had that installed or it was inherited from my Windows 10 installation.

I am going to run this way for a week or two and see if it fits my needs. If so I might seriously consider replacing my Intel Mini with whatever Mini comes out next. The Intel 2018 is fine, I have no problems with it but it is 3 years old now and that is usually the time I upgrade. I don't mind extending it for a year if needed however so I can afford to wait a bit to see what comes up. Either way I will normally use the NUC for programming and running Virtual Control on the radios other than Sentinel.

In the meantime I will run the 2020 M1 Mini and see how it handles my work but keep the 2018 going just in case.