WinRadio G-31 Excalibur Basic Questions Please


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Dec 15, 2004
Boston, MA

Have dusted off my old WinRadio G-31 Excalibur, and am excited
about using it again. It is still a heck of a receiver.

Am in my mid 80's now, and I admit i miss many of the nuances these days.

If anyone is using, and has a few spare minutes, might I please ask the following:

a. I cannot seem to pull up a new, or an older, copy of eibi into the Memory Tab/eibi chart.
Where should i put the downloaded eibi file into what Folder ?

Will it accept a .csv ? I keep trying to re-save in Notepad to a .txt, but it keeps showing the new one also as .csv.

Any hints on this would be most appreciated.

b. What are the differences between:
DDC BW and RBW (upper left panel)

and, DEM BW and RBW (upper right panel)

e.g., how are they used, etc. ?

** What would be good initial Default values for these four parameters (AM) ?

Much thanks, appreciate the help, stay well,