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Jul 22, 2002
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OK folks I've been cleaning up empty articles and fragments (that does nothing but point to another existing article anyway, or duplicates data already present) relating to WISCOM for the last 2 days- and to be blunt, it's getting on my nerves.

Such fragmentation serves absolutely no purpose, and it simply creates a mess that needs to be cleaned up - now or later. Someone has started a section in the Wisconsin collaboration page for the new system - and perhaps it's time to make it it's own article, so that details can be added to it as more information becomes available.

Wisconsin(US) - The RadioReference Wiki

Please concentrate your efforts in a single area - that way all parties can be working off the same article, and see whatever information that has already been found in a single spot. Eventually, I see that article becoming the collaboration link for a future database entry - so doing this now makes sense. Even if the title doesn't fit, it's easy enough to move in order to change it.

73 Mike
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