WLAN with parabolic antenna

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Feb 26, 2012
Hi All!

I'm new to this forum and to radio as well.
I was looking for some time now, to find a good forum, with people that could help me to get a good view from the kitchen of telecommunications and radio technologies.

Is it possible to connect a simple home wireless router with a parabolic antenna to get a huge coverage to one direction,somewhere around 10km?
I was looking at this ANT24-2100, but the problem is that I want to put it on my roof and there are around 30-40m to it from my room. As far as I've read there will be huge losses in the cable, on top of that I suspect that I have to use coaxial cable but except that I have no ideal what type it should be, what connectors I have to use and etc. ;(.
What options do I have in order to make this work, do I have to buy an access point which will reside next to the antenna and the data, to it, will be carried on a UTP cable, or should I buy an amplifier(if there is something like that which will be good for this case)?

Could you please guide me on how can I do it, without spending my entire savings and still get good results!

Thanks in advance!


May 6, 2010
Go look at the Ubiquity stuff - Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. - you put the the whole radio out on the antenna so feedline losses are minimal (or nonexistant with the built-in antennae) and run Ethernet into the building.
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