Woolwich Townships Digital Radio System?


May 6, 2020
Waterloo Region, ON
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I came across this in the document saying that Woolwich Township has a separate system from the Regional P25 system and I am not sure what system that may be.

2020 Agenda Document from Townships website:

From Page #232

"With the life of the Regional analogue radio system coming to an end, the Fire Services has purchased equipment to migrate to the new Regional digital radio system. While Fire Services needs to be connected to the new Regional system due to interconnectivity with other Regional Fire Services as well as Police Services and EMS, the Township’s staff in Infrastructure Operations do not need to be connected to the same system. The proposed plan is to purchase 33 new digital mobile radios that will be connected to a system owned and managed by Spectrum Communications. This system will enable Infrastructure Operations staff to communicate efficiently during their day to day duties. The system will also provide connectivity during emergencies where cell phone service is limited. The annual cost to be connected to Spectrum’s digital radio system will be approximately $1,000 annually. In addition, Infrastructure Operations staff will still have access to two digital mobile radios that will be connected to the new Regional system so that staff can communicate with Fire Services in cases of emergencies."

Would the digital system they are using be Bearcom Kitchener's DMR MotoTRBO Capacity Plus system?


Aug 12, 2005
There is no way the Township is paying $1000 a year to be connected to their system as it requires them to buy the radios and then pay a monthly rate...the rate is usually $25 per month per radio at the low end. More like $1000 per month.

The 2021 budget shows the township paying a whopping $111,000 last year to Waterloo just to run their radio system for Police/Fire.

The infrastructure dept had a radio cost of $24,000 for subscriptions alone.


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Aug 13, 2002
Working some TAFL license data backwards it appears they may have been leaning towards using OnQ, which Spectrum Communications is one of the providers of in Southwestern Ontario.