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Workaround to move Group IDs between profiles?


Sep 16, 2021
I've tediously programmed a list of MDC and P25 radio ID's/Aliases via Tab 4 >> Group ID. Excellent writeup in this post compliments of @JSsignal16. I'd like to add this list to a few other Unication profiles I've customized. They're used by varying ranks within our department, all G3 or G5 pagers, and I don't have the option of reducing those customized profiles to a single version (this one). I wish.

Has anyone found *any* workaround to move this massive list of "Group ID" entries to another profile?

I've managed to figure this much out:
  • Export profile to .uipps file >> re-name extension to .rar then unzip >> inside you'll find a .db file
  • The first line of said .db file says SQLite 2.1 format
  • Using DB Browser, upon opening the file error's out. Which I believe is indicative the database was encrypted, even though I didn't put a password in Unication software programming to lock the radio. Nonetheless, I tried opening the .db with SQLCipher and tried the default passwords, without luck.
  • Accessing the raw data I've entered into the programming software, to move it to another profile I've already built out, is my goal. Absent Unication updating the programming software to do this, I'm at a loss how to add it to other profiles. Even just an easier programming interface where I could TAB + ENTER + type into cell + TAB / Next Line + Enter...etc...would save a ton of time. Alas the programming software seems to much prefer mouse clicks vs using keyboard to navigate, which means I lack the fortitude to re-type all these Radio/Unit/IDs/Aliases in each unique, separate profile I program.


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Jun 26, 2006
Stow, OH
dbvisualizer can see most of the content but more than likely its proprietary, the other problem is that doing this and you mess up could very well brick a $700 radio.

another way is to create a CSV File and just import it, this would probably be the best way, but you cant specify color or the tone settings

you will need to follow this format to create a CSV

Decimal,Hex,Alpha Tag,Mode,Description,Tag,Category
1,001,SimulcstDemo,D,Simulcast Demo,Public Works,Radio Technicians
3,003,Radio Techs,T,TroopNet Nashville,Public Works,Radio Technicians
and read this about CSV importing, you have to rename Hex to Subfleet
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Sep 16, 2021
Thank you @WX4JCW. Helpful info. Adding some notes for anyone else going down this path of thinking.
  • dbvisualizer does "read" the .db file better than some software. It's not fully decrypted, but you can get the jist of what's in the file....though not nearly enough clean info to make me comfortable editing in/out radio aliases. Or copying the aliases between .db files. Way too many non-printable or hieroglyphic characters. (screenshot attached)
  • Notepad++ "reads" the file decently, but all the line breaks and non-printable characters show up as NULL and they're everywhere. It's just not worth our time. (screenshot attached)
  • Sublime text editor yields columns of code. Didn't put a thing into plain English. Skip this method. (screenshot attached)
  • Idea of CSV import is a good one, alas to save anyone else the troubleshooting: csv import does not pertain to Radio ID/Radio Alias/Unit IDs. If that's the only info someone wants to move in bulk, CSV is also not a solution. IMHO it's gotta be an easy one to implement, and I hope Unication sees this excellent suggestion.