World Ag Expo 2017- need frequencies!

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Feb 18, 2002
Shandon, CA
Anybody got frequencies for World Ag Expo happening February 14-16 in Tulare, CA? I will be attending and would like to monitor event staff. From 2005-2013, they got an FCC STA with rental radios from Radio Resource Inc in Wheat Ridge, CO. They also had their own repeater, which expired same year. No FCC license or STA for World Ag Expo or International Agri-Center since. Radio Resource Inc only has 2-3 nationwide licenses, which may or may not be in use by Expo staff, as no one single license has enough channels for the radios the expo uses (16 channel). 2 years ago, Western Executive Protection was the
security contractor. No FCC license of their own. Last year, STC Security from Fresno was the contractor. Again, no FCC license of their own. This year, Harrison Security from Visalia is the contractor. Local public safety is a must, of course. I have the temporary tower and ground frequencies for Tulare Airport and local police/fire frequencies. I know the players, I just don't have "the juicy stuff". Does anybody have the current frequencies? Again this year, I politely ask- "please".
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