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Wouxun KG-UV2D observations

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Dec 19, 2002
Wichita Falls, TX
Here are some notes and observations of various Wouxun KG-UV2D "features".
I don't know how many of these apply to other firmware versions or other models.

Wouxun KG-UV2D
Firmware KGUV2D unknown rev.
S/N J11****
Probably manufactured in 11/2010

Roger Beep (Menu 06 ROGER)
Beginning of Transmission (BOT)
Delay time 380 mS
Tone 819 Hz 130 mS

End of Transmission (EOT)
No delay
No space between tones
1st tone 530 Hz 130 mS
2nd tone 742 Hz 130 mS

Squelch Tail Elimination (STE)
The radio sends a 55 Hz tone for ~220 mS when the PTT key is released.
This happens even with no transmit CTCSS tone selected (CSQ) and cannot be disabled.

When DCS (CDCSS) encode is enabled, the radio sends the standard CDCSS turnoff code (134.4 Hz tone) for ~220 mS when the PTT key is released.

The microphone remains hot while the STE 55 Hz tone or DCS 134.4 Hz turnoff code are being sent.

In decode mode if a signal with CTCSS or DCS is received and the tone is dropped, the squelch remains open for ~200 mS.

The radio will immediately close the squelch upon receiving the STE 55 Hz tone, even with no receive CTCSS tone selected (CSQ).

CTCSS/DCS Decoding
When in CTCSS or DCS decode mode the occasionally the audio will mute intermittently for no apparent reason.
The decoder or STE may be falsing on received voice audio.

Scanning stops on any signal or noise even when in CTCSS/DCS decode mode.

Memory Loss Problem
Read about the Wouxun defective memory problem at Good-Bye-Wouxun

This particular unit developed the memory loss problem after about three years.
On this particular unit the problem only happens occasionally when switching from "Frequency Mode" to "Channel Mode".

When the memory loss problem happens to this unit, the top display goes to memory channel 0, which does not exist.
The KG-UV2D only has memories numbered 1-128.

If the unit is in CHFREQ mode the display will show frequency "???.????" and memory channnel "00".
If the unit is in CH mode the display will show "CH-000".

Changing channels fixes the problem temporarily with no loss of memory or settings.
Powering cycling the unit when it has the problem causes a full reset and loses all memories and settings.
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