Wrong dates on Denver news incidents

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Sep 23, 2009
This is at least the second time I have seen this happen and I wonder where the mis-communication is coming from, between the news agencies and the courts or the Denver police. It seems like a systematic problem somewhere, maybe in the court system or the DPD PIO. Any ideas? If it was just one time, then no big deal but for some strange reason it keeps happening that they get the wrong date.

All of the news agencies in Denver are reporting this incident with a guy at Whole Foods had a knife pointed at a DPD officer (an off-duty D4 officer working at Whole Foods in D3) then he drops the knife and punched the officer. Then he picks up a hammer and swings it at the officer. Of course emergent cover follows. All of these news articles (links below) say it happened on July 11th but I have personal knowledge it happened on July 16th instead.

In this archive (July 16th 6:58 pm to 7:28 pm), you can go to the 17 min 50 sec mark and hear the incident happening:

Here are the articles that reported the incident and say it happened on the 11th:

Man Accused Of Swinging Hammer At Officer Formally Charged « CBS Denver

PD: Whole Foods patron swung hammer at cop

Robert Bemoras, man accused of punching, swinging hammer at Denver police officer, formally charged - 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.com

I have some news guys and gals looking into it but wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas. I will laugh if someone says the RadioReference archives are wrong on the date. I would highly doubt that.
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