WS-1080-1088 Unintended Experiment

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May 26, 2004
Like many others, I archive my SD Cards and former settings. One never knows when they might become useful. Also, like others, I have gone through my search for the Holy Grail, the ultimate settings that provide the best monitoring experience. While exploring older saved SD settings, I unintentionally inserted an SD card from the WS-1080 into the WS-1088. The card date was from July-2015. I did not realize the error immediately, until scrolling down to the program settings. On the 1080 it is 4 down versus 5 down on the 1088.

For reason hard to explain I am finally experiencing the best performance and reception I have ever had on the 1088, with a dspleveladapt of 16 and DAC of -4. Go figure. I have often suspected that the first runs of electronic equipment probably reflect a manufacturer's best production. It is from this point onward that we start to clutter up the product with more bells and whistles and frequently making performance worse with one-way software and firmware upgrades.
Not open for further replies.