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Apr 19, 2007
I have a 1080 scanner and as we all know the P25 phase 2 systems are a challenge. I noticed on the EZ scan software you can adjust your threshold settings for different sites. Does this adjustment make a difference in how well your scanner will pick up these systems? Also what would be a good Low-High balance for starters? Thanks in advance on any I put.


Nov 25, 2015

There are a lot of threads on this topic. Search "1080 simulcast" or something along those lines. The 1080 does great on P25 Phase 2, it's P25 Simulcast that causes problems.

The threshold settings determine when the scanner goes off to find a new site/control channel. Therefore, you want to program it to be happy with a low decode rate, so it's not constantly swapping through frequencies.

However, I like to tell my radio which frequency to receive, preventing it from going on wild goose hunts for dead air.

Here are my tips for improved P25 reception:

  • Program only one site per system
  • Program only the active control channel frequency for the site
  • Scan just one system at a time
  • Turn the squelch all the way down
  • Make sure there is at least a small delay on each talkgroup. I use .3 seconds
  • Us an appropriate antenna, in terms of tuning and reception characteristics. Such as this ( for handheld use or this ( for home.
There are some obscure settings like DSP Adept, ADC, and threshold that might be tempting to spend way too much time on in a despaired effort to get better voice decoding. Don't spend time fusing with those.

To judge your improvement, your goal is to see the black box "T" staying on constantly.

Feel free to email your v-scanner config to me and I will take a look at your trunked systems and settings.
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