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XG-100M Feature Codes


I am licensed…
Jan 18, 2022
Central Colorado, USA
Here’s the list of every Harris feature. Not all of them apply to every model.

01 Conventional Priority Scan
02 EDACS 3 Site System Scan
03 Public Address
04 EDACS Group Scan
05 EDACS Priority System Scan
06 EDACS/P25 ProScan (ProSound / Wide Area Scan)
07 EDACS/P25 Dynamic Regroup
08 EDACS/P25 Emergency
09 Type 99 Encode and Decode
10 Conventional Emergency
11 RX Preamp
12 Digital Voice
13 VGE Encryption
14 DES Encryption
15 VGS Encryption - User-defined speech encryption
16 EDACS/P25 Mobile Data
17 EDACS/P25 Status/Message
18 EDACS/P25 Test Unit
19 M-RK I Second Bank
20 OpenSky AES Encryption (128-Bit)
21 EDACS Security Key (ESK) / Personality Lock
22 ProFile
23 Narrow Band
24 Auto Power Control
25 OpenSky Voice
26 OpenSky Data
27 OpenSky OTAR
28 OpenSky AES Encryption (256-Bit)
29 ProVoice
30 Limited Feature Expansion (LPE-50/P5100/P5200/M5300)
31 Smart Battery
32 FIPS 140-2
33 P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) – P25 Conventional
34 Direct Frequency Entry
35 P25 Over-The-Air ReKeying (P25 OTAR)
36 Personality Cloning
37 EDACS/P25 AES Encryption (256-Bit)
38 Radio TextLink
39 P25 Trunking
40 700Mhz Only
41 VHF-Low (35-50)
42 VHF-High (136-174)
43 UHF (380-520)
44 700/800 MHz (Dual Band)
46 Vote Scan
47 Phase II TDMA
48 GPS
49 Bluetooth
50 OMAP Wideband Disable
51 MDC1200 Signaling
52 C-TICK Certified Operation
53 Single Key DES
54 Control and Status Services
55 Link Layer Authentication
56 Motorola Multi-Group
57 TSBK on an Analog Channel
58 Unity Wideband Disable
59 eData
60 InBand GPS
61 Encryption Lite (ARC4)
62 Single Key AES