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XPR-2500 (UHF) Faceplate/Anetnna

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Apr 15, 2020
Battlefield, Missouri
Hey everyone!

I'm rather new to the Radio/Scanner world, so please forgive my ignorance! I have a few questions that I hope you all can answer. This is regarding a Motorola XPR-2500 UHF Version. I have a Troyproducts center console with plenty of space in it right now. I need some assistance in locating a faceplate & antenna for my radio. As far as I'm aware, Jottodesk & Troyproducts faceplates are both interchangeable (Please correct me if I'm wrong!!). Please note: I have never installed a radio, scanner, or faceplate into a center console before. I assume they attach a faceplate to the radio, and the faceplate suspends the radio above the floor of the console.

Question #1

I am currently unable to find a faceplate that includes my model number in the compatibility section. I can only find faceplates with similar dimensions. Ex:

XPR2500 Radio - Dimensions: (XX): 1.730 H x 6.670 W x 4.6 D
Similar Faceplate Dimensions: (#1): 2.071 H x 6.935 W x 4.7 D (3 Inch)
Similar Faceplate Dimensions: (#2): 1.790 H x 6.680 W x 5.0 D (2 Inch)

I am under the impression that faceplate #2 would work with my radio. The dimensions are extremely close. I am only cautious about the depth because I am not quite sure how much leeway I would have, nor do I understand how depth works regarding faceplates/radios. Would I be correct that Faceplate #2 is the correct one to purchase?

Question #2:

This is about the possibilities of listening to UHF Frequencies, and what antenna/mounting option I would need. I don't know much about line-of-sight/repeaters/transmitters/towers, so please bear with me. I currently have 2 lip mounts + low profile antennas for other things right now as well. I prefer not to drill or use magnetic mounts, but I will if I have to.

1. Would it be possible to listen 12 miles away from work in my vehicle with UHF? (What kind of antenna/mounting option would I need?)
2. Would it be possible to listen 52 miles away from work in my vehicle with UHF? (What kind of antenna/mounting option would I need?)

Thank you for reading. I apologize if I sound like an idiot or if these are stupid questions. I appreciate your help, and thanks in advance for your response!


Dec 19, 2002
Can't help you with Question #1 but for Question #2, there are a lot of variables to consider. 12 miles mobile-to-base on UHF over flat terrain with no obstructions can work. 52 miles almost certainly won't work without some sort of repeater.
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