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XPR-7550 no Audio after write from CPS

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Feb 10, 2013
I thought I would throw this out there and 1) see if anybody has had this same issue.

Firmware R02.30.01
CPS Version 10.0

I am making updates to my (2) 7550's for a trip to Florida and want to make sure both my wife and I have everything in and it is all uniform. I wrote to (1) of the units perfect no issue. Then I was writing to my unit and it powers up shows my person image and doesn't sound the test tone which I have selected in the CPS, I found that to be odd. How I noticed was I was on a local; med channel and saw audio was being received but not playing and my MDC was being decoded. I then looked at the unit's screen and see a bell with a red X on it was like ok. I go into the menu on the unit and selected the power up tone on and all tones on and it was receiving my local med channels again. I powered the unit off and turned and it was back to the same initial not receiving state.

I went into the CPS and looked under General Settings and clicked the audio tab and to confirm I wasn't going crazy the boxes "disable all tones was un-checked" and "Escalert Alert was un-checked" the boxes that were checked "Channel Free Indication tone" and "self pass tone". I confirmed I wasn't nuts so I wrote to the radio again. I was still having issue so I wen't back into the units menu and did the box checking again.

I did cloan my wife's unit to my unit and we have identical channels/zones/functions etc. The only thing that is different is the ID #'s. I thought if this was happening I would heard from a friend as he maintained a TRBO site in Wisconsin and he is pretty on the up and up.

Has anybody else seen this yet ????


Sep 28, 2003
Pull a default codeplug from the CPS directory and clone it to your radio if you can. Don't use one you have created. See if the issue goes away. I am assuming you have READ your radio then reprogrammed immediately WITHOUT looking at the codeplug? Correct?
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