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XPR6550 Radom volume and PTT


Aug 23, 2011
Hi I have a 6550. In many ways I actually prefer it over my 7550. I like the channel selector better. Anyways the problem I am having is sometimes the volume can been seen randomly adjusting up or down a few notches on the screen. And also sometimes the PTT will engage without pushing it. (Talk permit tone is heard.) This is a rare thing has only happened a few times. Still I’m wondering if this is common with these radios? Is it dirty / needs to be cleaned or any ideas here?


Database Admin
Jun 5, 2002
Hubert, NC
The same problems happen on the XTS2500. We just replace the volume and channel switches. They are a pain to remove properly, but if you have a hot air rework station, it is easy. Just take your time.


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Feb 1, 2010
Tampa, FL
You can still buy the volume and channel selectors on ebay. Watch the video on how to remove and reinstall it. Moto sold a little shield that helped with the removal using hot air, but I have seen guys fab up their own stuff. TT


Oct 15, 2012
I had to replace the Volume/On/Off switch in many Motorola radios, to include the 6000 series Trbo radios and many XTS1500/2500's. This is a common issue as this switch and the PTT are the most used, and wear out often. Like others have said, an "Air Dragon" chip remover or some type of unit that spreads the heat around will make removal of broken parts easier. Newer Motorola radios sometimes also suffer from cold solder joints on some of the solder connections at the top of the mina board. It's like the flow soldering does not reach the middle board connections well enough, causing a poor connection with the channel selector contacts or volume contacts.

The parts are on auction sites, expect to pay $5-20 in some cases. If you have more than one radio, it saves to buy parts in bulk, as these parts may fail on others as well. Good luck on the repair. I actually prefer the XPR6550's to the XPR7550's in many ways....as my end users do not need a color display, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, or even things like text messaging. In hindsight, Model I's may have been an even better option.