XTS 3000 programming

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Apr 30, 2010
Hello all,

I have just revived my old account on here, and I have changed a lot since I first was on the forums. I sold all my Kenwood radios, and switched over to Motorola VHF digital. I am running Astro Spectra W4's and XTS 3000's. I believe they're the model 3's but it the older key pads, and not the circular select button in the middle. I have the software and programming cables and are programming with my laptop. I was having issues before not getting audio after transmitting and was able to pull up another feed saying to switch the Rx options Unmute/Mute to standard, then MDC tab unmute type to Or instead of and. I also was having that issue with the Astros and had to run the channel with the mic off the clip and monitor on to get audio on the selected channel. I have reprogrammed the portables and now can receive without monitor. I am having an issue with 1 portable, the other radios receive audio with the MDC squelch. This portable doesn't make any squelch noise but does decode the radio number. This unit also is Id'ing as 0001 when its set in the MDC and radio ID as 0002. Does anyone have some advise on getting back the MDC audio when receiving the squelch? The Motorolas are supposed to mute half the tone, but still make the chirp. I am adding a link, this was back on the first day programming it, so I have tuned some of the programming since this video.


Also curious if I am able to run encryption on a digital channel I use if anyone has any info on that as well or setting up call alert tones and paging also. I haven't been able to enable that feature either. I had a CDM1550xls+ before but it already had the call alert tones and radio ID's plugged in when I bought it used. It was neat before transmitting out tones and call paging.

Thanks, Kyle from the Seacoast!
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