Yaesu: Yaesu 857D - Digital Mode Reception

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Nov 21, 2018
I am using a Yaesu 857D rig. I have a USB CAT cable using which I have connected my rig to a Windows 10 PC. This works perfectly fine and I am able to control the rig using Ham Radio Deluxe Software.

I have got a home brewed audio-cable with a DIN plug on one end (which goes to the DATA socket) and two plugs on the other. The two plugs are the typical ones used for Audio-In and Audio-Out in old PCs. Since my Windows 10 laptop does not have the sockets for Audio In and Out I have used a USB convertor (click for image). So the Audio In & Audio Out plugs go into the USB convertor, which is plugged into a USB socket on the laptop. Windows 10 detects this device as an audio input and output device.

The problem I have is that the Digi Master software is NOT able to get the audio feed from the rig. The audio can still be heard on the rig's speaker. For example if there is an RTTY communication on a frequency that distinct and constant tone can be heard on the rig, but I don't get those two thick lines on the Digi Master 'Waterfall' display.

As a work around, I use a normal audio auxiliary cable (click for image). One end is connected to the headphone socket on the rig's head. The other end goes to the Audio-In on the USB connector. I change the position of the small slider, so that audio output from the rig goes to the headphone socket. The rig's speakers now fall silent but the audio feed is now picked up by Digi Master and the Waterfall display shows the signals.

Is there any setting which I need to enable the DATA reception via the data socket? For transmitting, I have enabled Digi Vox. So if I choose my mode as DIG (ital) on the rig, and then send a digital message via Digi Master it is getting transmitted. Digi Vox sets the rig to Tx mode, and the ALC meter indicates that a transmission is happening.

Thank you in advance...
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