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Sep 16, 2006
Hello. Does anybody have any information regarding the Yaesu VX7R receive capabilities
on frequencies between 230-350 mhz am mode compered with the VX6R or the IC -E91.
I was informed that it was comparable. But I am not so sure.

Regards from a newbie


Sep 16, 2006
This message was sent to Vertex/Yaesu HQfrom me.

Hello. I am curious to know why you state in the handbook that the VX7R
> receives on the ACT Band 1 220-440 mhz. I like to listen to the UK
> Military air frequencies between 230-350 mhz AM mode. On my newly aquired
> VX7R however this is not possible. Please advise why you advertise
> something that is not possible to do. I know you only state that only the
> amateur bands are guaranteed. If that is the case do not state in writing
> that it does. In the UK this would be illegal for a manufacturer to state it
> does. if that being incorrect.

> I would appreciate a reply
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Their reply was sent from Yaesu USA.

Thanks for the e-mail. What we state as far as frequency coverage is
> correct as in the manual. I am not quite sure what you are having a
> problem with as it is not clearly defined. You are not able to receive the
> action band at all? Just portions of it? Are you able to access the other
> out of band frequency bands? Are you only able to operate on frequencies
> inside of the amateur band and nothing outside? If you are only able to
> receive inside of the amateur bands there are a couple of things to look
> at. The sub band will only operate on the 3 main bands only. You can
> operate all bands and frequencies from the main VFO. Go to your MAIN VFO
> and see if you can select a frequency outside of the ham band. If you
> can't then you may have performed a CPU reset in which case you will be in
> HAM MODE only. To get your extended frequencies back, turn the radio off.
> Press and hold the MONF, HM/RV and the internet button (the button with
> the atomic symbol) and turn the power on. You will now have access to all
> frequency ranges as advertised. There is no mis-representation of this
> product.
> I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any problems or
> questions.
My reply

My problem is that between the frequencies mentioned i..e 230-350 mhz
> using rx am mode it does not appear to receive any signals. I recently
> traded in a VX6 as I was informed by various people on the VX7 yahoo group
> and others that it was better at these frequencies! Albeit that I did
> receive some of these frequencies on the VX6. As I type this message I get
> the odd semblance of signals at various places but these are break through
> from the civil air band on 118=136 mhz band am. I am using a discone
> antenna. With the ATT on nothing audible at all. Other frequencies seem to
> be available i.e civil airband .BC/Marine/all amateur. Should the rx of
> the uhf frequencies on the VX7 be at least on a par with the VX6?
Awaiting a reply

Another discovery

There is also another range of frequencies that the VX7R does not
appear to cover on RX. That being 70.00- 73.00 mhz am mode. On these
frequencies in my area are the london Fire Brigade control frequencies Call signs M2FN ,M2FS.On my VR500 they are end stop on the VX7R nothing. Using the same antenna. I really feel that Mr Yaesu./Vertex is really misleading customers.

I would appreciate it if possible you conduct some tests as I
feel that this is not on. I know that only the amateur bands are guaranteed
but as I stated previously why advertise frequencies that are only there as
a frequency read out! I even tried switching RX mode to NBFM and WBFM out of
curiosity but nowt!

I am still awating a reply. Anybody else discovered this oddity?
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