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Feb 9, 2018
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Heading there tomorrow. Most frequency posts are really old. What should I know? Is it possible to pick up animal collars?

Halfway down the page it lists all the current Yellowstone federal Freqs..

Yellowstone National Park - The RadioReference Wiki

Read this wiki, its very informational. I don't know about the collars... I'm sure its possible but they use a lot of directional finding equipment, sometimes from the air... the closer you get to the signal could be the closer you get to a grizzly. Bear spray is a must if you are off the road anywhere. Black bears are one thing... Grizzlys will eat you.

Radio coverage is pretty good.. repeaters are mountain top with solar panels and batteries

Have a lot of patience.... a lot. Traffic can be crazy, but its worth it.
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Feb 12, 2005
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Was in Yellowstone 3yrs ago about this time and it was crazy. Took my 396xt and my Yaesu VX7R quad bander and had lots of fun. Made numerous contacts and monitored local LEOs and other interesting stuff. Didn't see any Grizzlies but saw quite a few black bears, a mangy coyote (or maybe a small wolf?) and caught a whole slew of rainbow trout. Planning on visiting there on the way back from Alaska in summer 2019 Lord willin and the creek don't rise. Good friends in Jackson Hole who live right next to the elk refuge there and we always visit there, too. Good elk sighting there and numerous photo ops. Gorgeous place.

Some of the local LEOs were still using conventional frequencies. Some feds still came up on 160-something (most other fed freqs were encrypted) Monitored Park and Gallatin county and park freqs. Got most of my info right here on rr.com as we were planning our trip. As always, this place is an invaluable source for scanner info.
Feb 2, 2003
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Was supposed to be in Yellowstone this winter for 5 days, got snowed in, turning into a 8 or 9 or who knows how many day stay.

NPS freqs seem to be okay.

Xanterra Corporation Transportation has stopped using their analog repeater which is listed and is now using the Teton Communications NXDN system.

I have submitted the below information to the admin:

They are using an NXDN system WPPA389 Teton Communications Inc system.

Best I have been able to figure out, right now there is one site at Old Faithful:

Site 10 according to my Uniden 436. It is on RAN 10 only one frequency was being used at the time: 451.425 LCN 115

According the the FCC License this site does not exist in Yellowstone, but is located in Idaho somewhere. Who knows for sure -- i have seen crazier things in the FCC database.

Site 8, which is somewhere in Yellowstone and according the the FCC database is listed in Yellowstone.

Site 8 is using RAN 8 and only one frequency was being used at this time on 464.050 LCN 725

No other frequencies saw any action but I did load all of the ones from the license just to see if I heard anything

Shuttles are on TG 2000


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Aug 23, 2002
The federal channels in the DB are accurate. All the sites and radios are P25 capable, but its all 99.999999999% analog.

Repeaters (with exception of one or two) are solar/battery powered and low power, but on high points in the park so each area has really good coverage.

The tourist and non-federal commercial services have not been documented very well. As cell mentioned above, there is a move from the regional SMR LTR system to the new NXDN system which is a wide area coverage system that spans WY/ID/MT (Jackson to Idaho Falls to MT). Its a new system so submissions/corrections from what has been submitted is requested.

As for the Wiki entry, its user editable so I cannot attest for its accuracy.