Yet another bcd99xt weather issue

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Aug 10, 2013
Sauk County WI

I figured out a long time ago that the wx alert interupts scanning. Not the problem here.

We have a few cells blowing through tonight and figured I would test the new scanner out.

I have one county fips code entered into the scanner. I figured out if I'm using the scanner to scan systems it only picks up on the 1050 tone.

This was confirmed here: BCD996XT WX Alert Programming -1050Hz or FIPS Codes - The Forums

So I read how to hold the wx button until it enters the scan mode, pressed wx again, and selected my one fips code. Cool ok. Thats what the instuctions said.

We pick up 3 weather channels even with attenuation turned on. Squelch had zero effect here.

I manually tuned to .450 MHz (channel 5) and let it be. It wasn't scanning so I figured it would work on fips since thats what I told it to do.

The alarm sounded but it tuned itself to .400 MHz and activated on the 1050 tone as best as I can tell. Unless my county is the same as a county 2 counties North of me, I don't think this should have happened. Am I not holding my mouth right and standing on the wrong foot?

Any ideas?

Sauk County WI
055111 (if my memory is correct)
Latest firmware installed at the factory.

We have a dedicated weather radio but the scanner is in a common room where the weather radio is near the bedrooms. It would be nice to actually use it in the evenings and to check if the skywarn net is going to be active.
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