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Feb 24, 2001
More from The Northside Sun on the continuing Hinds Co. saga

Appointed Judge
Anthony Warren

A special judge will be appointed in a case involving Hinds County’s former radio service provider and the Hinds County Board of Supervisors.
The county’s four circuit judges have recused themselves in the case between Airwave LLC and the board.
The Mississippi Supreme Court will now appoint a special judge to preside over the case, according to board attorney Pieter Teeuwissen.
Airwave filed suit against the county in June for wrongful termination.
The board cancelled two contracts with the Jackson-based service provider earlier this year. The first contract was for Airwave to maintain the county’s six tower sites, and ran the county about $10,000 a month.
Airwave’s radio maintenance contract was cancelled in April. Under that agreement, the board had paid Airwave more than $4 million to maintain its 800 MHz radio communication system since 2008.
In the five-page complaint, Airwave attorney Robert Gibbs said the board “voted to prematurely cancel Airwave’s contract … in direct violation of the contract terms.”
According to Gibbs, the board entered into a deal with the firm in 2008. The agreement was said to be “binding for a period of approximately six years with an ending date of October 31, 2014.”
Airwave calls the breach “arbitrary, capricious, unlawful, unreasonable and not supported by substantial evidence.”
The firm is seeking nearly $756,000 in damages.

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