Yupi MVT7100 problems/fair selling price?

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Feb 6, 2005
I have been having the same issue with my MVT-7100 for a few years now and have never figured out what the problem is. This is what happens: Every once in awhile (AFTER I spent hours re-programming it), it will just lock up and wipe the memory. Also, some times while manually going through channels with the knob, it will not respond. I have to give it a little tap on the side, then I can proced. Another thing is that sometimes when you take the squelch to full open, it will not close. Another little thump cures that. These things are all random and there is no pattern.

So, I think I am going to go get a Pro-97 today while they are on sale and sell the 7100. Knowing it has issues that I am unable to fix, I am hoping I can sell it to someone who CAN fix it.

Keep in mind, when it works it works like a charm, scans as advertised etc.

So what would be a fair asking price?

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