Zaca Fire Analysis in to day's LA Times

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Jul 24, 2005
About 5 years ago I was working on a job at the lake. There was to be numerous scenes shot, including one that was a campfire shot of people camping at a lake (using a real fire in the middle of summer). The next day we would move on to do shots around Fig Mt.

I think the Co. Fire wanted about $800 to have a patrol on duty during filming. The PM asked me if that was really needed, as they were on private property at the lake and it wasn't legally required. I asked her if she thought it was worth $800 to potentially keep all of us from having to go in and out of court for the rest of our lives for starting a fire that costs millions. She reluctantly said OK. She called three more times that day asking over and over why they should have to pay for the fire guys to be there (Nothing is ever cheap enough in production). Finally on the last call, in an arrogant tone, she told me she didn't think it was needed and wouldn't be doing it... I invented an excuse as to why I couldn't be there that night.

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