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Old 02-11-2018, 5:33 AM
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Default LED Colors

What LED colors are people using for certain services? ie. fire = red, police = blue, etc.

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Old 02-11-2018, 6:19 AM
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When I was using that, mine was red = fire, dark blue = state police, light blue = city PD, white = sheriff, amber = ambulance, green = skywarn, for EMA. I have personal reasons I won't post here for that last one.

Haven't used the LED alerts for awhile, I found them distracting, especially while driving. I'm sure others are more imaginative about it than I was.
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Old 02-11-2018, 1:43 PM
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It depends on what scanner you are using. If you are using a WS-1080 and above you can get creative. This is what I use.

LED Color Scheme

Police Solid Dark Blue

Mutual Aid - IO Blue Flash

OSHP White - Blue Flash

Fire-EMS Solid Red

Hospital-Ambul Red Flash

EMA-ODH Yellow Flash

Jail Solid Orange

Schools-Pub Wks Solid Yellow

First Energy Solid Yellow

ODOT White, Yellow Green Flash

ODNR Solid Green
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Old 02-12-2018, 5:54 PM
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Red/orange for fire/EMS, RED/BLUE for law enforcement
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Old 02-12-2018, 7:21 PM
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I use the red /blue strobe for police, it is a preset in ezscan,
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Old 02-12-2018, 9:20 PM
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Here's my list ...

Law enforcement = blue
Fire = red
EMS = yellow
Public works/road crews = green
Emergency management = orange
Utility companies = magenta
Private businesses = white
VHF marine radio channels = flashing green
Wildcards of any sort = flashing white

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done ...
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Old 02-13-2018, 2:27 PM
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Lightbulb LED colors

Originally Posted by DJ11DLN View Post
Haven't used the LED alerts for awhile, I found them distracting, especially while driving.
I usually know who I am hearing (from their sound) and the LED w/o looking at the display. So this issue is opposite for me.

Flashing RED - Emergency channel (there are not many)
RED - Fire dispatch
BLUE - LE dispatch
Flashing BLUE - LE non-dispatch
Flashing CYAN - CHP mobile/etc
MAGENTA - Fire command & TAC
Flashing MAGENTA - Search & Rescue
PINK - Medical
Flashing PINK - National medical channel
GREEN - Parks (state or local)
Flashing GREEN - Forests & Parks (national)
WHITE - Statewide channel (such as mutual aid)
Flashing WHITE - Nationwide channel (DEA, FBI, etc)
GRAY - "Trivial" channel (media, local business, etc)
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Old 02-14-2018, 9:12 PM
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with mine it is flashing red and white for fire flashing red and blue for police red white and yellow for ambulance flashing light blue for state police and flashing blue for sheriff.
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