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bc346xt scanner

  1. Blind_Shadow

    Programming Manual - BC346xt

    I have been trying for most of the day trying to program a Uniden BC346XT. I downloaded the manual and it was a lot easier to go through than the manual from Uniden. I had read not to use the cd disk. No problem there as it would not even load or run. I am so confuzed now, not sure where to go...
  2. N

    BC346XT Broken after 1 day?

    Anyone ever heard of this...? I got my scanner, programmed it with FREESCAN, and it was working great for a day. Day 2 it started doing this strange thing where on many of the channels that are local and close to me the audio and the antennae signal meter go from on to off with about a 1 second...
  3. irishfire412

    BC346XT missing first parts of all transmissions.

    Hey I recently bought a Uniden BC346xt and for whatever reason, it almost ALWAYS misses the first 1 or 2 seconds of every transmission. Does anyone out there have any thoughts on how I might be able to fix this situation? Thanks, I appreciate any info.
  4. fwfdengine2

    BC346XT Question..

    Can you tell how much battery life you have left on the BC346XT? Thanks fwfdengine2