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  1. M

    Help needed: BC396T and LCRA

    Hello - I have a new BC396T (with latest F/W) - when I select an LCRA group from the default load it does not find the control channel - I get a "Finding Ctrl Channel" message on the display screen - yet when I check the actual frequencies loaded they seem to be correct. Is there some setting...
  2. R

    antenna question

    Antenna suggestions needed. First off I just bought a Uniden bc396t. Stock antenna. I listen primarily to our State's AWIN system which uses the Apco-25 system. For that system(since I live in the middle of town) i get great reception, the antenna works perfectly fine. Now here is the...
  3. james07731

    APCO 95 / BC396T Question

    I am looking for a new scanner that picks up the APCO95 digital. I was thinking of the BC396T. Is this the best one for this? Who is the least expensive? Pros & cons of this scanner? Any additional things I would need, such as cable, CD, etc? or are they included in box? Thank you.