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  1. D

    New 396xt user - antenna suggestions?

    Hi, I've had a uniden 396xt for a few months now but don't use it on a regular basis. I've had some police and fire channels programmed into it by a friend by cloning his radio settings. Recently I've been trying to make use of the search for services feature to try and pick up some CB and...
  2. C

    bct396xt new owner of; bct396t repairs

    I just got a used bct396xt in great shape.......so when I looked for bct396xt_uasd on uniden's site, it was nowhere to be found. So I tried Freescan to see if that would work for uploading, and downloading and it looks pretty good. Just wondering if anyone found BCT396XT_UASD (uniden advanced...
  3. H

    Best scanner for Mixed use?

    I've read to reviews I've seen to opinions good and bad but I've not seen this topic compared. I live in a mixed use area within 15 miles I could have Digital trucked, digital single channel, Motorola type 1, 2, or hybrid system, conventional and some encrypted ( I know I can't scan these just...