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broadcast tags

  1. M

    new user + SDRPlay

    Good morning to you , Greetings to system administrators, moderators, excuse my bad english. At 60 I struggle to learn .. but sometimes use google translator ..: / I am a 57 year old radio listener, Italian, who loves radio and passion to use any kind of software for decoding signals hf / v /...
  2. MedicDavid78

    ScannerCast & BCD536HP...

    Is there a way to broadcast AlphaTags in ScannerCast using a Uniden BCD536HP?? I've downloaded the serial port files, rebooted my computer, even set the scanner in serial mode & set the Tag setting at the 996XT choice, even saw something about Windows Device Manager up checking the UBS root hub...
  3. MedicDavid78

    RadioShack PRO-164 text-tags?

    Hello all, I currently am using a RadioShack PRO-164 scanner to broadcast my live feed for my area. I have done endless searching on the net and can't find any answers to my question, so I'm hoping one or some of u may know... Is there ANY way to broadcast talkgroup tags with a PRO-164...