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  1. P

    San Bernardino County 01 - Barstow PD

    It appears that Barstow Police Department (Talk Group 17200, 17232 and 17296) has fallen off the face of the earth. They are not on 800 system any more and I have checked Phase I & II P25 both 700 and 900 systems with no luck. Barstow Fire Department is still using the 800 system though. Can...
  2. W

    CA Road trip

    Very soon the wife and I will be taking a road trip from AZ (Phx Metro) to Santa Barbara area and will be taking our Pro-94 scanner with us. Is there any particular frequencies we should have programmed to monitor for interesting listening on the trip
  3. AuToGrApHzZz

    [.pdf] Official Law Enforcement Communications Handbook [.pdf]

    Hello all! I realize I hardly ever post but hopefully this post can help break that habit. To keep things short, one of my many skills involves public records laws (e.g. the California Public Records Act or Freedom of Information Act) as well as other open government laws. For those that are...
  4. B

    Concord & Clayton California gone dark?

    Since a fire developed in the Mt. Diablo hills near Clayton & Concord California last week the shared Police frequencies have either changed or been dropped - anyone know what happened? The frequencies are/were 460.150, 460.250 and 460.550. Please let me know or share your thoughts...
  5. G

    New License - Any Pointers or Study Groups?

    Hello All :) I am new to this forum and would like to know about how I can get a new HAM license in CA state? Please send me any links or contacts or references. Also, if you are reading up for the exam, we can form a study group if interested. Thanks, Guru
  6. N

    Looking for someone to program my XTS 5000Rs

    Anyone in the California Central Valley interested in programming a few XTS 5000s? I have RSS but no programming cables. I'd pay you for your time. Thanks
  7. RadioGuy1951

    CA law Trunking

    I got my first scanners capable of rebanding (Pro 163 and Pro-164), and have updated the firmware... While I've been very familier with conventional comms for a very long time...trunking is new to me... I looked in the database here, and while all I want is LAW, FIRE, FORESTRY & EMS, what I...
  8. I

    need help selecting a scanner, Imperial Co. CA

    Hi: I live in Imperial County in CA (specifically El Centro) and am respectfully asking for advice for what type of scanner to get in order to listen in to the local public safety and other traffic. I'm a newbie amateur but I know that the local PS is almost all on the San Diego RCS System and...
  9. D

    Richmond, CA police/tactical helicopter frequencies?

    I have little experience monitoring helicopters, but on several occasions the Richmond PD (I think) helicopter has been hovering over/near my workplace. Anyone know what freq they're using, or what range to search? I've used the RadioReference database to program my 396XT, but the helicopter...
  10. SCPD

    FCC License

    I'm sorry if this question has already been asked before. When applying for an FCC license in the VHF 144-174Mhz band, do they charge for only 1 frequency or 1 fee for as many as you would like to use? I am trying to be able to have 3 private channels for use in my home town as well as out in...
  11. K

    Los Angeles, CA - What we have is a failure to communicate

    The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System is supposed to link all of L.A. County's first responders. But its status is uncertain. Blame sloppiness, recriminations and politics. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-newton-column-20110611,0,2121450.columnL
  12. L

    California Capital Airshow 2010 Mather Field

    Just went to the California Capital Airshow at Mather Field today, and figured for those planning to go who are wanting the frequencies in use, that I would save someone a little work. And maybe next year they will be using the same ones, so here they are. Airboss: 119.15 Discreet: 123.15...
  13. eNubiX

    Riverside California RPD and Fire feed

    Is anybody going to cover Riverside again? I know the feed was changed some time ago. But I never heard anything about it sense.
  14. k6scm

    V-Tac, U-Tac, I-Tac Frequencies... UTac21?

    My current understanding of the V, U & ITac nationwide common/interoperability frequency assignments is as follows: V-Call 155.7525 V-Tac 1 151.1375 V-Tac 2 154.4525 V-Tac 3 158.7375 V-Tac 4 159.4725 U-Call 453.2125 (458.2125) U-Tac 1 453.4625 (458.4625) U-Tac 2...
  15. SCPD

    False Alarm Amber Alert wakes up San Fran

    KGO AM 810 Newstalk Radio, San Francisco. In a parental dispute over a child a California Police Agency sends out an Amber Alert that sets off all TV, Radio and NWS Alert radios in California. Later the Agency cancelled the Alert and admitted that the Amber Alert should not have been issued...
  16. S

    Miramar Air Show OCT 2,3,4-- SD,CALIF INFO

    From the air show site 8-4-2009: Are FRS/GMRS radios allowed? FRS/GMRS radios are permitted. VHF band and other scanners are also permitted, but transmitters/transceivers are not.
  17. poltergeisty

    California Dreaming....

    ♫♪ As the song goes....♫♪ But California dreaming no more. Illegal immigration, crime, loss of jobs and the mortgage crises all have taken a toll on the famed idea of "California Dreaming". My aunt just moved from there due to a loss of her job and house. She once owned...
  18. cbowabo69

    Yuba-Sutter Bi-County Public Safety Scanner (CA)

    For those living in the Central Sacramento Valley of California, I host an online scanner feed supporting the public safety network of the Yuba-Sutter area. Agencies monitored are as follows: Yuba County Sheriff's Office and County Fire Marysville PD & FD Wheatland PD & FD Sutter County...
  19. Sac916

    CHP Valley Division 70MHz

    Can somebody enlighten me on the use/need/purpose of the following freqs used by CHP. 72.46 CTCSS 146.2 CHP GOLD 75.92 CHP Chico 75.96 CHP Chico 72.46 broadcasts CHP mobile units perfectly clear. Long ago I recall them being utilized as back-up/remote or something technical.